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Молекулярная антропология

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Klassicheski trud:

"The History and and Geography of Human Genes"

By L. Luca Cavalli-Sforza, Paolo Menozzi, Alberto Piazza

Princeton University Press

Statyi po molekulyarnoi antropologii Evrazii i Kavkaza:

1. "Eurasian Heartland: A continental perspective on Y-chromosome diversity"


Geneticheskoe rodstvo narodov Evrazii po otzovskoi liniyi (Y-chromosome)

2. "MtDNA variation and language replacement in the Caucasus"

Analiz geneticheskogo rodstva narodov Kavkaza i blizhnego vostoka po materinskoi linii (Mitoxondria DNKa).


3. "Alu insertion polymorphisms and the genetic structure of human populations from the Caucasus"

Analiz geneticheskogo rodstva narodov Kavkaza; sravnitelnyi analiz

s Evropoi i Blizhnim vostokom


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