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Guest bulak

Тумужин (10000) и Найман (8)

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nashi, mongolskie chisla:

1-neg, negen

2-khoyor, khoyoron

3-gurab, gurban,

4-dureb, durben

5-tab, taban

6-zurgaa, zurgaan

7-doloo, doloon

8-naim, naiman

9-esu, esun

10-arab, arban


1000-myanga, myangan

10000-tumu, tumen

tak shto Temuujin, Naiman- nashi.

"jin", "chin" are still the endings like "er", "man" "woman"/warri-er, strong-man, ili russkie kavaler-ist, gorb-atii, kamen-shik, yamshik\

alkhana-bulak, a Mongol.

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